Remember you are not alone - domestic abuse can happen to anyone no matter your age, race, class, culture, disability, gender, sexuality or lifestyle.

Do something positive to promote gender equality! Join this live-edit workshop and upload more women onto Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is the first to admit that they have some big gender and diversity gaps. In 2011 only 10% of wiki contributors were female and in 2018 only 17% of entries are about women.

It's time to change that! Bring your tablets or laptops to the workshop and get expert help to add your inspirational women!

We're thrilled to host The Zebra Partnership's Carol Ann Whitehead and Google Expert Susan Dolan for the second year at this ground-breaking, equality-boosting event at The Pankhurst Centre. And this year, they'll be joined by Global Wiki Equality Advocate Roger Bamkin and information and knowledge expert Dr Marianne Bamkin.

To sign up for one of the sessions at the workshop, visit the Edit-athon Eventbrite Page:

Sessions are at:

  • 3-5pm
  • 6-8pm
  • 3-8pm

Refreshment and networking breaks will be at:

  • 5-6pm
  • 8-9pm

The workshop is free to attend but please consider making a donation to our museum, which receives no public funding, to help ensure this unique stays open and accessible to all.



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