Remember you are not alone - domestic abuse can happen to anyone no matter your age, race, class, culture, disability, gender, sexuality or lifestyle.

ADViSE is a support programme aimed at helping sexual health service staff recognise and respond to patients affected by domestic violence and abuse (DVA). It also offers patients a direct referral into specialist services via a simple, local care pathway.

ADViSE has been co-developed with clinicians, commissioners, IRISi, DVA agency staff and DVA survivors.

How ADViSE Works

In each local team is an Advocate Educator (AE) and a Sexual Health Clinical Lead (CL).

The AE is a named specialist based in a local DVA advocacy service who runs training for the team and is the point of contact for referrals for patients who would like support and advocacy around DVA.

The CL is a local, sexual health practitioner who is committed to improving the staff response around DVA which improves the response for patients affected.



The ADViSE Pilot

The programme was piloted at two sites:

  • In Tower Hamlets over seven weeks, during which there was a 10% DVA enquiry rate, a 4% disclosure rate, and eight patient referrals.
  • In Bristol over 12 weeks, during which there was a 61% enquiry rate, a 7% DVA disclosure rate and eight patient referrals.

In the three months before the pilot, there were no DVA referrals at either site. The networks formed during the pilot, and the increase in referrals, have continued since the pilot in Bristol, despite the end of dedicated funds and support.

For all genders, 12 months after the ADViSE training, the clinic reported a 55.9% DVA enquiry rate, a 3.9% disclosure rate and a 4.2% referral rate, equating to 28 direct referrals for patients.

ADViSE increases DVA enquiry, response and referral rates, and staff confidence regarding DVA. It strengthens local networks between sexual health services and the DVA and can increase safety for those patients affected by DVA.



Talk to our team about further training or making a referral:

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