Remember you are not alone - domestic abuse can happen to anyone no matter your age, race, class, culture, disability, gender, sexuality or lifestyle.

Join us for the latest in a series of talks by some of this year's Strong Manchester Women at The Pankhurst Centre,

Each year Manchester City Council celebrates International Women’s Day with their Strong Manchester Women campaign. The campaign recognises the achievements of some of Manchester’s women, and produces portraits which appear on billboards and posters across the city.

We're thrilled that some of these amazing women will be coming to the centre to discuss their work and their experience of the campaign. And they'll be talking against the backdrop of the original portraits, which are here on display at The Pankhurst Centre until June 2019.

On May 12, we welcome Denise Yuen Megson: Lecturer - Salford University, Radio Presenter & Volunteer - Wai Yin

About Denise: Denise represented nursing as an Independent member on Salford's Learning Disability Partnership Board and was on the editorial board of an journal for Healthcare Assistants and Assistant Practitioners. She was one of the core team members who developed and taught a programme at Masters level for community development workers in mental health. working within British Ethnic Minority groups. She currently volunteers at Wai Yin Society hosting live radio programmes, one of which; Radio Sheung Lok, received a Bronze award in Community Development project from National Community Radio awards in 2017. She is passionate about minority groups having a voice in the local community and received a grant to host an event as part of Manchester Economic Social Research Council Social Science Festival titled "Transmitting Culture and Community Cohesion through Radio". This was a footstep to get members of the Chinese community to plan, organise and broadcast a live radio programme and to be part of the wider social science scene. Denise is working with Wai Yin Society on their oral history project - Crossing the borders, teaches on health topics at its elder centre as well as volunteering on McMillian Nurses recording memories project

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